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Thornhill FC – The History

Thornhill FC started out as Thornhill C&BC - Football Section in 1988.

Thornhill FC came into existence because Thornhill Cricket & Bowling Club was looking to have a sport played in the winter months, because the club facilities were unused. During summertime, there were Cricket, and Bowls.

The idea of a football team was a joint venture in the early months of 1988 by Mr Paul Thomasson, Mr Steven Millington and Mr Richard Green.

A team was entered into the Spen Valley & District Football League, and was placed in Division 2. It was a quickly thrown together team under the leadership of its first Manager, Mr Walter Green. The team soon settled and performed reasonably well in the first year.

Thornhill FC 1990 - 1991

The team soon settled and performed reasonably well in the first year.

Thornhill Football Club 1990 - 1991

Another 2 years passed, and the team's performance pretty average, finishing mid-table in Division 2.

Then, in 1992, while the Secretary, Mr Jason Woodhouse was completing the League application forms, the decision was made to remove the “C&BC – Football Section” from the team name. The team, from the 1992/93 season, was now called “Thornhill Football Club”.

Thornhill Football Club

Several seasons passed by, the team were ‘getting by’, achieving ‘runners up’ spot (and relegation). During this period, the team were enjoying Saturday afternoon football, with no real problems.

However, in 1998, ten years after formation, the team almost folded. There were not enough players to form a team and the future of Thornhill FC was in jeopardy. But, an idea suggested by Mr Stuart Vokes provided a solution. The idea was to invite senior players from around the village of Thornhill, who were in their ‘twilight years’ of playing football.

The players were invited to come down and have ‘one last go’ to play football.

As a result, a Thornhill FC team was entered in the 1998/99 season. The season started under the managerial skills of Mr Roger Clegg and the team went from strength to strength, winning 3 league titles in succession, 1999, 2000 and 2001, and also finishing runners up in the Spen Valley Premier Division.

Thornhill Football Club

Around 2001, Thornhill FC moved on to a greater challenge and joined the Wakefield & District Football League. Thornhill FC was placed in the Premier Division.

Relegation followed in 2003 and in the following 2004 season, Thornhill FC finished mid-table. But, in 2005, things were about to change.

Picture – Thornhill Boys Team – Stuart Vokes (manager on the left) and 3 players who still play for Thornhill, Nathan Kemp (bottom, 2nd from right), Jamie Vokes (top, 3rd from right) and Ross Ingham (top, 2nd from right).

Thornhill Football Club

Thornhill Boys FC had been running for several years at the Cricket Club, and a new crop of younger players (now eligible for open age) signed for Thornhill FC, along with their Manager, Mr Stuart Vokes, who had been their manager in the Junior section for many years. Youth was injected into the team in the form of Ross Ingham, Jamie Ingham, Nathan Kemp, Jamie Vokes, Robert Chapman, Jordan Rock, Scott Hargreaves and last and certanly not least, Joseph Rhodes

The management team of Mr Stuart Vokes and Mr Gary Mountain took the team to a League and Cup double in 2006, which also saw them promoted back into the Premier Division.

Another couple of years had passed, team building with the young lads, who now had been playing football together for 15 years through ‘Junior’ to ‘Open age’.

Now, in 2010 the team really showed what they were capable of..............

Thornhill Football Club

Thornhill FC won an amazing treble, Wakefield & District Premier League Champions, the Jim Callaghan Cup Winners and the ultimate (at our level) West Riding County Trophy Winners!!!.

Thornhill Football Club

And now what next? The lads are capable of winning more.

Thornhill Football Club

Mr Jason Woodhouse and Mr Stuart Vokes would like to thank the all of teams' players (past and present) for all they did to make Thornhill FC what it is today.

Furthermore Jason, Stuart and all of the fans and WAGS wish the players all the best for future seasons.

Thornhill Football Club Thornhill Football Club Thornhill Football Club

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